“My daughter has been a student of Coach Durfee’s for four years. She lives with Chronic Lyme Disease and has been very sick during most of the duration she has been training. We discovered that having her in BJJ was more beneficial than having her in PT and a lot more cost effective. In the past four years my daughter has made more advances in her health than she was ever thought to achieve. We credit this to the strength training and support of Coach. She now has a positive outlook and wishes to continue her training throughout her life. Our family is very grateful for the support and patience he has given not only my daughter, but all of the students he teaches. He is truly dedicated.”
– Shannon Doughty, Parent

“I can’t say enough about this program!!! My six year old loves class and we never have to “make” her go. Her confidence has grown exponentially and problem solving skills are clearly being sharpened. It has helped promote activity for her, and the family, throughout the week as well. Shaun and all the coaches are top notch. They never sacrifice the quality of instruction for ease of “dumbing it down” for kids but the kids never seem overwhelmed or lectured. The classes are focused and structured, yet somehow a TON of fun!!! I am thrilled with the instruction she gets from Coach Durfee and I know we will be a [Stonecoast] family for a very long time! Thanks for everything.”
– Samantha Higgins, Parent

“I wish I had this available when I was as young as some of these kids. Seeing our kids program grow has been amazing and Coach Shaun Durfee does an incredible job. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is truly life changing, no matter what your age. Watching our kids train and compete is awesome to see and really can bring a tear to your eye. I’m so proud of all our kids and want to see our program continue to grow.”
-Dan Neuman, Parent/Student

“I’ve been a student of the Academy and of Coach Durfee for over six years now, and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Coach Durfee is amazing at what he does and really knows how to motivate kids and teach them worthwhile life skills while doing a fun and interesting skill. I highly recommend the [Stonecoast BJJ] program for your kids if you want to change their lives for the better.”
– Angus Kollar, Student

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